Victor Chaus

Victor Chaus Ballerina

215706 Ballerina

Oil on Canvas
Image Size 32 x 39

Victoria Chaus has some beautiful pieces here

(Ukrainian, born 1940)

Viktor Chaus was born in Yampol, in the Donetsk District of Ukraine. He graduated from the Crimea Art School in 1966 and from the Charkov Art Institute in 1971, becoming an instructor at the Institute in 1978.

Chaus' art received critical acclaim as a classicist incorporating a distinctive use of bright colors, an adaptation of the traditional Ukrainian palette. Chaus' work has proven to be popular in France, where he was celebrated by five exhibitions in Paris between 1989 and 1996. The artist spent five months painting in Paris in 1997.

His works are found in numerous French museums, as well as in collections in Charkov, Odesa, Kiev, and Australia.

Not every artist finds his creative handwriting, his seeing of the world finishing an educational establishment. On the contrary, the common thing is long years searching for that unique "I", that bright word which sound is paid attention to. The Kharkov artist Victor Chaus is a personality of another creative life. The life which put many tasks before the artist and made him to solve them slightly changed his natural attraction to the excitable artistic feelings to the world. This peculiarity revealed itself even in the years of his studying in the art school named by M. Samokish where students study painting in the unique corners of the Crimea. It was there where Victor Chaus born in Donbass became a passionate admirer of the seen element which he could grasp in his painting. In was there he has understood what he impressionist seeing was with its fine and truthful sense of color and the aspiration for life ideal. From that time emotional activity a man and environment perception has become the main trend of Victor Chaus' creative work. Though in further years studying in the Kharkov Art College (1966-1971) in the department of monumental-decorative art much was done to improve his professional skill, he was faithful to his creative opening of his youth and his orientation to the tradition of the realistic art.


Considering the master's works in the background of the modern Ukrainian painting one can feel on the one hand the connection of Chaus' creative work with the artistic and ethic tradition of the Soviet times which demanded the artist's understanding of the social and moral ideal and on the other hand steadfastness of the form conception formed by the people culture. Perhaps the last feature which is in great need in the times of the social and life troubles made Victor Chaus' work a prominent phenomenon in the artistic life of Kharkov in last years.


In 1970s when he began his active work there was a well-known tradition in the Soviet Art connected with Repin's creative work, French impressionism and Sesanne. Technique and colors of the artists were translated into the language of engaged form, which had general character and therefore abstract idea of the concrete psychological collisions of the time.

The compositional portrait is one of the most favorite genres of Victor Chaus' painting. Here he has a great many of successes. The base of it is the master's attention to the unique of the man's face, his soul. In times when the portrait genre was nearly dead Chaus developed it in his works traditional by the content but unique by their interest to a person. He made many drawings very expressive for the first time by immediate communication with the nature. May be this communication shows the best creative abilities of the artist - his good attitude to the model his ability to see it as a whole. But a certain monumental and epic tendency, which can be seen in his portraits and drawings, disappears. In the drawing the artists presents the nature with restraint, that's why the intimacy of the forms sounds as if lowing down but it's never disappeared forever. The master is in interested in the plastic character of a model, its ethnic peculiarities. He makes, for example, a very expressive series of portrait heads of people from Jakutia. He isn't interested in ethnic character of the people. He only watch how a person lives, how he or she feels about the world by the head bend or by the expression of the lips and eyes. As many other artists with poetical view of the world Victor Chaus is mainly the artist of women. The bright colors of youth attract the artist, he splashes them in many-figures genre works where boys and girls make a picturesque ornament of a dance. These works demonstrate the classical for the Ukrainian art tendency for the national self-confidence.

Being brought up with the traditions of the academic school which doesn't like changes, he keeps the genre borders. A still-life, a landscape, an everyday picture - this classical repertory doesn't disappear from his view but in all the genres a landscape is always presents. Wherever the painter is: in England, in France, in the Crimea or in the Kharkov country he paints the things, which are in blossom, and he is never interested in fading or frozen. Even better he paints drawings. They combine free energy of senses. In Chaus' landscapes one can fell soul of a free country and a real painter who has deep relations with the French in growing of "a joy gene".

Republican, all-Union and international exhibitions:

1988 - A creative travelling to Yakutsk Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, the Laptev Sea, Tiksy, the Lena river.

1989 - took part in the international exhibition of Ukraine's artists in Poznan-city, Poland.

1991 - The exhibition of the Ukrainian painting in Berlin

1992 - The exhibition of brother-cities in Lille , France.

1992-1994 - The exhibition in "Roy Miles Gallery", London

1993 - The exhibition of the Ukrainian painting in the Chicago University, USA

1994 - A creative travelling to Broadstairs and London


Personal exhibitions:

1993 - April, 8 - Paris

1992 - October, 8-18 - America

1992 - February, 22 - March, 22 Berlin

1987 - December, 7 - Poznan, Poland.


Honoured workes:

1978 - "The Soviet Painting og our days", Sevastopol, Crimea,Ukraine

1980 - Pochayevsk museum of atheism "Youth"

1982 - "We are Blacksmiths", Ministry of Culture, Kiev, Ukraine

1983 - "In memory of Martuhnovich", "Inspiration", a portrait, Krasnograd Art Gallery.

1983 - "Gurzuf", the Kharkov museum of Fine Arts, Ukraine

1985 - "Intelligence officers" a group portrait, the Kharkov museum of Fine Arts, Ukraine

1994 - Roy Miles Gallery (about 10 works), London

1994 - Japan Gallery Nakamora

1999 - "Our Wet-Nurse", Ministry of Culture, Kiev, Ukraine

2000 - "Still-life with Samovar", "Self - portrait", the Kharkov museum of Fine Arts, Ukraine.


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