Stanislavas "Stach" Sugintas

Wadering Actors


Wandering Actors

Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

Image Size 26 x 21

Image Size 21 x 24


Forgotten Melody for Violin

Waving a Kiss

Giclée on Canvas

Giclée on Canvas

Image Size 24 x 40

Image Size 24 x 40



Oil on Canvas

Mr. & Mrs. Sugintas

Image Size 24 x 36

Stanislavas Sugintas "Stach" Born 1969, Lithuanian Belarus

EDUCATION 1986-1993 Academy of Fine Arts of Belarus, Minsk Took general courses in painting, drawing and composition M.A. in Graphic Design School of Fine Arts in Lithuania Took general courses in painting, composition and sculpture B.A. in Painting in Oil on Canvas

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Department of Subway Publicity, Minsk Visual and graphic design communication services for the subway publicity Art School #1, Minsk Instructor of drawing, painting and composition

EXPOSITIONS Sept. 1-28, Schemes 27 L'Hopital Militaire 59000, Lille, France Tel: 20-54-3707 Personal Exhibit May15-28, Galerie d'Art Mar Pau Claris, 120, 08009, Barcelone, Spain Tel: 934-88-1868 Personal Exhibit March 30- Enzo April 24, Bresstraat 10, Antwerpen, Belgium Tel: 03-216-3138 Personal Exhibit March 2-15, Galerie D'Art Terrafermar Bisbe Ruano 15 25006 Lleida, Spain Tel: 973-27-2588 Personal Exhibit Sept. 24-29, International Fair in Metz Participant February 25- Sala D'Art Arimany March 9, Rambla Nova 20 43004 Tarragona, Spain Tel: 977-23-7841 Personal Exhibit October 1-15, Galerie D'Art Terrafermar Personal Exhibit September Prize of Friendship of the International Salon of Art 07600 Le Ranc d'Asperjok, Ardeche, Vals-Les-Bains, France Tel: 04-75-37 May 10-25, Palace of Art 14 Kozlov Street Minsk, Belarus Group Exhibit Galerie D'Art Mar Permanent Group Exhibit November Theater 'Free Stage' 44 Krapotkin Street Minsk, Belarus Exhibit of Young Belorussian Artists 1995 ? 1999 Bagira Moscow, Russia Tel: 122-2713 Permanent Exhibit June 1993 Academy of Art Minsk, Belarus Exhibit of Diplomas

In a Cafe SOLD

Oil on Canvas

Image Size 20 x 24

Acrobats SOLD

Oil on Canvas

Image size 21 x 26


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