Sharon Augusta Mitchell

    Turning Point    

918041 Fluffy

Giclee On Paper

Image Size 19 x 11

Wild Card

915746 Wild Card

Giclee On Paper

Image Size 18 1/4 x 9 1/2

Catch of the Day

915745 Catch of the Day SOLD

Giclee On Paper

Image Size 13 x 19 2/3


Education -
1981 to 1985
College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA.
Studied Printmaking. Portraiture and Calligraphy

1985 to 1990
Artist in Residence, Kala Institute
Worked focusing on tradition copper plate intaglio techniques

1991 to Present
Own and operate Aesop’s Editions, Lafayette, Ca.
Aesop’s is a print studio with production capabilities for traditional etching,
lithography and large format digital editions.

I have regularly moved between natural studies and the pursuit of images that convey a sense of theater, emphasize the grace and structural integrity inherent in natural forms and produce encounter with the dramatic, the bizarre and the humorous.

Artist Statement -
Throughout my life, I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively. From an early age I was exposed to a variety of cultural aesthetics. During such adventures I absorbed everything from primitive folk art to the wildly ornate theatrics of Baroque embellishment and the ariel feats of Gothic cathedrals. I also became fascinated with the myths and narratives so abundant in every corner of the world. Because of this focus, I never felt an affinity with abstract expressionism. In spite of growing up in the 60’s and 70’s when it flourished so, I chose to virtually ignore it as an influence and instead became somewhat shamelessly representational. As such, my influences amongst the contemporary fine artists of the world are few. I do credit the usual old masters in particular Albrecht Durer whose engravings were an inspiration to take up a somewhat religious zeal toward printmaking while in college. However, though it is almost taboo to say it, during my “formative years” I fairly worshiped illustrators in general. Already headed in the direction of having an illustrative style, it seemed quite natural that I should gravitate to those whose work exhibited a mastership of illusionism.

With regard to subject matter, all sources of mysterious inspiration aside, it comes down to recognizing that which falls within the parameters of my own particular idiom. Thriving on detail and intrigued by rhythm, I tend to focus on subjects that offer an opportunity to explore them. Having come to relish the patterns that occur so abundantly in the wild, as well as those which are unique to the creations of mankind, the temptation to juxtapose them in a composition is irresistible. Within the proportional confines of a sheet of paper, the fractal shapes and structures of nature can be set like jewels into the Euclidian geometry of architecture or the swirling decorative motifs of an art nouveau backdrop. Even while embracing a tendency towards dark humor, I strive in this way to make the work viewable. That some of the pieces are humorous and others decorative is purposeful in so far as it offers me a change of mood-without which I would certainly stagnate or take up bowling.


Selected Shows
- “Theater of Mind” The American Print Alliance Traveling Exhibition, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware
- North Georgia College & State University, Dahlonega, Georgia,
- North Bank Artist’s Community Project, Vancouver, Washington, University of Miami,
- Coral Gables, Florida, Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, Florida
- Marin Art Festival 11th Annual Juried Show, Marin Civic Center, San Raphael, Ca.

- “The Art of Angling” Works on Paper from the Gary Widman Collection,
- Napa Valley Museum, Yontville, CA.
- Marin Art Festival 10th Annual Juried Show, Marin Civic Center, San Raphael, CA.

- Contemporary California Mezzotints, Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA.

- Marin Art Festival 9th Annual Juried Show, Marin Civic Center, San Raphael, CA.

- “Ink and Clay” 30th Annual,California State Polytechnic University, Kellogg Art Gallery, Pomona, CA.
- “Culture and Agriculture”, New Visions Gallery, Marshfield WI.
- Smithtown Arts Council 28th Annual Juried Fine Arts Exhibition,Mills Pond Gallery, St. James, NY
- Silvermine Arts Guild 24th National Print Exhibition,Silvermine Arts Center, New Caanan, CT
- Marin Art Festival 8th Annual Juried Show Marin Civic Center, San Raphael, CA.
- “Whimsy”, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA.
- “Theater of Mind”, American Print Alliance Traveling Exhibition

- “Coming into Focus”, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA.

- California Society of Printmakers Annual Members Show, Triton Museum, Santa Clara, CA
- “The Spirit of Handmade Prints”, California Society of Printmakers, Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA
- “Scrambled Edge”, The Diverse Visions of Eleven Artists, Hollis Street Project, Emeryville, CA
- Los Angeles Printmaking Society Juried Membership Exhibition, Brand Library Art Galleries, Glendale, CA.
- Figurative Art, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA.

- The Art of The Mezzotint-Works by Modern Masters, Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
- Works on Paper, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA.

- “Paths Through Reality”, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA.
- California Society of Printmakers 85th Anniversary Exhibition, Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA
- “Paper Works”, National Juried Exhibition, University of West Florida Art Gallery, Pensacola, FL
- “Pulp ‘98”, National Biennial Competition, Nightingale Gallery, Eastern Oregon University, La Grand, OR.
- “Women’s Works”, 11th Annual Exhibition, Old Court House Art Center, Woodstock, IL.
- Stockton National IX Printmaking and Drawing Competition, The Haggin Museum, Stockton, CA.
- National Works on Paper, University of Texas, Tyler, TX.
- “Realism ‘98”, 10th Annual National Juried Exhibition, Parkersburg Art Center, Parkersburg, WV
- Aviv III National Juried Exhibition, Nathan D. Rosen Museum, Boca Raton, FL.
- Tri-State Plus ‘98 Juried Competition, Beaumont Art League, Beaumont, TX.,Purchase Award
- “Under Pressure”, Juried Print Exhibition, Los Angeles Printmaking Society, Cerritos college Art Gallery, Norwalk, CA
.- 11th Annual International Exhibition on Animals in Art, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA.
- Northern Colorado Artist Association, 7th Annual Juried Exhibition, Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO.
- San Bernardino Institute of Fine Arts 32nd Annual Competition,Honorable Mention, San Bernardino County Museum, Redlands, CA
- “Printmaking, People and Process”, Contra Costa College, San Pablo, CA.
- International Art Expo 1997, Award of Excellence, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY.

- “Pressed and Pulled”, 6th Annual National Printmaking Exhibition, Blackbridge Hall Gallery, Georgia State University, Midegeville, GA
.- 36th Annual Illustration West, Award of Meri,tSociety of Illustrators of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.
- 16th Annual Hoyt National Art Show, Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, New Castle, PN.
- International Art Expo, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY.
- “Counterpoint”, 29th annual National Drawing and Printmaking Exhibition, McAshan Visual Arts Center, Ingram, TX
- 31st Annual Open Competition, Fine Arts Institute of the San Bernardino Museum, Redlands, CA.
- “Intrigues of The Heart”, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA.

- NYEAE 50th Anniversary Exhibition, Broome Street Gallery, New York, NY.
- “Through Thick and Thin”, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA.
- Inaugural Exhibition, Emmie Smock Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
- Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Centennial Traveling Exhibition,Broome Street Gallery, NY., Phillip and Muriel Berkan Museum, Cooegeville, PA., Shenandoah Valley Art Center, Waynsboro, VA., and Lexington Art League, Loudon House, Lexington, KY.,
- Midwest Museum of American Art, Elkhart, IN., The Museums at Hartwick College, Oneota, NY., and Paul Mellon Arts Center, Wallingford, CT.

- Winter Exhibition, Emmie Smock Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
- Great Plains National Competition, Moss- Thorns Gallery, Fort Hays University, Hays, KS.
- “Fragments, Illusions and Reality”, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA.
- National Printmaking Exhibition, Trenton State College, Trenton, NJ.
- Realism ‘95, Parkers burg Art Center, Parkersburg, WV.
- 19th National Print Exhibition, Purchase Award,Schenectady Museum, Shenectady, NY.

- “Connections”, Annual Juried Exhibition, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA.
- Gallery 84 National Juried Print Show, Gallery 84, New York,, NY.
- “Birds in Art”, Purchase Award, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum, Wasau, WS.
- “California Works”, 1994 California State Fair Fine Arts Competition,Award of Merit, Expo Center, Sacramento, CA
- Havre de Grace 4th Annual National Competition, Havre de Grace Museum, Havre de Grace, MD
- 17th Annual Salmagundi National Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY.
- National Women Artist’s Competition, Broadway Art Gallery, Littleton, CO.
- Northern National Arts Competition, Nicolet College Gallery, Rhinelander, WI.
- Lafayette Art Association Open Juried Competition, Lafayette Art Gallery, Lafayette, LA.
- “Ink and Clay 23”, University Art Gallery, Purchase AwardCalifornia State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA
- Kentucky National Art Exhibit, Henderson Fine Arts Center, Henderson, KY.
- Prints 1994, Erector Square Gallery, New Haven, CT.

- Illustration West, Los Angeles Society of Illustrators Open Juried Competition, Otis Gallery, Otis School of Design, Los Angeles, CA.
- Breckenridge National Juried Exhibition, Breckenridge Fine Arts Center, Breckenridge, TX.

- “Design ‘93”, Open National Juried Exhibition, Galesburg,Civic Art Center, Galesburg, IL.
- “American Art”, National Juried Open, Galerie Galerie,, Hollywood, CA.
- “California Works”, 1993 California State Fair Fine Arts Competition,Award of Excellence,Expo Center, Sacramento, CA.
- Alameda County Fair Annual Art Competition,Silver Meda lAlameda County Fair Grounds, Pleasant Hill, CA
- “Magnum Opus ‘93”, 6th Annual Exhibition,Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Carmicheal, CA.
- 18th National Painting and Print Exhibition, Moss-Thorns Gallery,Fort Hays University, Fort Hays, KS.

- 17th Harper National Print and Drawing Exhibition, Juror’s Choice, AwardHarper College, Palatine, IL.
- 16th Salmagundi National Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY.
- 12th National Exhibition of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society, Laband Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
- UCLA/ Grunwald Center Purchase Award and Q-Tech Purchase Award
- “Ink and Clay 22”, Purchase Award,University Art Gallery, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA.
- Hoyt National Juried Art Show, Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, New Castle, PA.
- BACA 8th Annual Juried National, Berkeley Arts Center, Berkeley, CA.
- Greensboro Artist’s League 22nd Annual Traveling Competition,Greensboro Cultural Center, Greensboro, NC. and Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, NY.
- FAI 27th Annual Competition, Fine Arts Institute, San Bernardino County Museum, Redlands CA.
- 9th Annual National Juried Exhibition, Juror’s Award of Merit and Purchase Award, Oklahoma Art Workshops, Tulsa, OK..
- Higher Elevations National Juried Competition, Higher Elevations Gallery, Lake City, CO.
- West Bank Art Guild 2nd Annual National Fine Art Exhibit, Award of Exceptional Excellence, World Trade Center, New Orleans, LA.
- “Subject Matters”, Juried Print Exhibition, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA.
- “Black on White”, National Juried Exhibition, Associated Artists of Winston-Salem, NC.
- Blick Award for Graphic Art
- “Inside/Outside”, Juried Exhibition, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA.
- 17th National Open Competitive Print Exhibition, Merit Award, The Print Club of Albany, Schenectady Museum, Schenectady, NY
- “Pacific Prints”, 6th Biennial Print Exhibition, Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA.
- “3 Media Realism”, National Juried Exhibition, Farrington-Kieth Arts Center, Dexter, MI.
- “The Prints and The Paper”, Annual National Juried Competition, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA
- “Art Experience ‘92”, First Place Graphics and Honorable Mention, National Fine Art Competition, Cape Giradeau, MO.
- “Animal Imagery ‘92”, 5th Annual Juried National, St. Hubert’s Giralda, Madison, NJ.
- “Animals in Art”, National Competition, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA.
- Carrier Foundation 10th Annual Juried National Exhibition,Second Place Graphics Award, Belle Mead, NJ.
- Prints International ‘92, Silvermine Guild Arts Center, New Cannan, CT.
- Lake Worth Art League 51st National Juried Competition, Honorable Mention, City Hall, Lake Worth, FL.
- Greater Midwest International, C.M.S.U. Art Gallery, Warrensburg, MO.
- Stockton National Juried Competition, Purchase Award, Haggin Museum, Stockton, CA.
- Selected Work: California Society of Printmakers, Memorial Union Art Gallery, Davis, CA.
- American Realism Competition, Parkersburg Art Center, Parkersburg, WV.

- Academic Artists Association 42nd National Exhibition, English Heritage Award,First Church Gallery, Springfield, Ma.
- Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 95th Annual Juried Exhibition, Honorable Mention, National Arts Club, New York, NY.
- Francis Witherspoon International Juried Exhibition, Dome Gallery, New York, NY.
- American Artists Professional League 63rd Grand National, President’s Award, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY.
- “Counterpoint”, 23rd National Juried Exhibition, McAshan Visual Arts Center, Ingram, TX.
- Knickerbocker Artists 41st Annual National Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY.
- “Pacific Prints”, Los Angeles Printmaking Society Juried Exhibition, Amfac Plaza Gallery, Honolulu, HI.
- “The Prints & The Paper ‘91”, Annual National Juried Competition, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA.
- 14th Annual Non-Member Salmagundi Art Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY.
- “Images and Objects”, All Media Juried Exhibition, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA.
- 15th Harper National Print and Drawing Exhibition, Harper College, Palantine, IL.
- National Exhibition of Women’s Work on Paper, Shoestring Gallery, Rochester, NY.
- West Bank Art Guild National Juried Fine Art Exhibition, World Trade Center, New Orleans LA
- National Printmaking Exhibition 1991, Trenton State college,, Trenton, NJ.
- 12th Annual Paper in Particular, National Exhibition, Columbia College, Columbia. MO.
- “Fur, Fin and Feather”, Best of Show, Bay Area Regional Competition, Artisans Gallery, Mill Valley, CA.
- 21st National Works on Paper, Harnett Hall Gallery, Minot State University, Minot, ND.
- “Ink and Clay XVII”, Honorable Mention, University Art Gallery, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA.
- Westmoorland National Juried Arts Festival, Director’s Choice Purchase Award, Westmoorland, Community College, Youngwood, PA.
- Matrix International Satellite Exhibition, Lite rail Gallery, Sacramento, CA.
- Academic Artists Association 41st National Juried Exhibition, First Place Award Graphics, First Church Gallery, Springfield, MA.
- Hoyt ‘91 National Juried Art Show, Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, New Castle PN.
- “Images of Vanishing Nature”- Endangered Species Media Project, Transco Media Center, Houston, TX.
- “E-I-E-I-O”, National Juried competition, Galleria Mesa, Mesa, AZ.
- 1990 “Winner’s Circle”, Associated Artists Awards Exhibition, Sawtooth Buildings Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC
- “Have a Heart”, National Juried Art Exhibition, Gallery 124, Kenosha, WI.
- “Birds in Art”, National Juried Competition, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, WI.
- Colorado Springs Art Guild 46th National Juried Show, C.S.A.G. Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO.
- North Valley Art League National Juried Exhibition, Best of Show, The N.V.A.S.L. Gallery, Redding, CA.
- Headwaters National Open Competition, The Arts Center, Bemdji, MN.
- “Laughter, All That Your Art Desires”, Exhibition of Humorous Art, Syntex Gallery, Palo Alto, CA.
- Tom Peyton Memorial National Juried Art Show, Alexandria, VA.
- “Remarque-able Artistry”, National Juried Competition, Remarque-able Artistry Gallery, Cranby, CT
- Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 94th Annual Juried Exhibition, National Arts Club, New York, NY.
- Calgene Open Juried Competition, Natsoulas Novlozo Gallery, Davis, CA.
- Klamath Juried Open, Cogley Art Center, Best of Show, Klamath Falls, OR.
- Salon De Pienture et d’estampe de Montreal, Honorable Mention, F.R.R.I.C. International Gallery, Quebec, Canada
- American Artists Professional League 62nd Grand National, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY.
- C.A.A.S. Frank C. Write Memorial Award
- Associated Artists’ 27th annual Juried National Exhibition, Texas Pete Award, Sawtooth Building Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC
- Louisiana Artists’ Guild 21st Annual Juried Open, Honorable Mention, Baton Rouge, LA
- Chimerical Greg National Fine Arts Competition, First Place Graphics Award, Chimerical Greg Gallery, La Puenta, CA.
- 10th Annual Desert West National Juried Exhibition, Lancaster, CA.
- “Mountains and Meadows”, Juried National Fine Arts Competition,First Place Drawing Award, Old Church Gallery, Meadow Vista, CA.


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