John Powell


904213 Plea for Peace/Red Poppies

Serigraph on Paper

Image Size 12 x 9

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Mountain Vista

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Botanical Bay

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Studio Garden



We have many beautiful framed and unframed serigraphs by John Powell. I will try to put them up as soon as possible, If you have a title or size that you are looking for let us know and we will send images of what we have.  

As a young boy John Powell spent many hours with his father, a prominent artist in California. John was supplied with a canvas and paints to keep him occupied during time spent in the studio. Such occasions proved to be an important first step in John's career.

John recalls one weekend in particular when long hours were spent in the studio listening to his father and artist, Will Foster, discuss color. "I was on the bus going home to Hollywood. The evening was warm and the shadows strong. Suddenly it hit me like a mallet on the head; there it was, all the colors they were talking about. The trees weren't just green; they were blue and purple and orange. I remember that experience like it was yesterday; I think of it as my awakening." This recollection of those early years is significant, as it is not merely the facility of the hand that makes the artist; it is the ability to see.

John enlisted in the Navy after graduating from high school. During this time, two years were spent in Japan. This environment was instrumental in John's development, as it was here that he became acutely aware of his artistic needs. His drawings from this period reflect the Far Eastern influence and design elements that would mold his eventual style.

After four years in the Navy, John enrolled in the Mexico City College in Mexico City, known for its excellent art department. The influence of the primitive arts of Mexico made an indelible imprint which would be forever expressed during John Powell's career. John made a serious effort to establish an art career on his return to Los Angeles. During this period, leisure time was passed with other artists, including his closest friends, John Altoon and Ed Kienholz, at their well known haunt, Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood.

Today, John resides with his wife and children in Santa Barbara, California. His home and studio have the unmistakable feel of his creativity. A collection of wood carvings, weather vanes, ceramic pots, old mode) ,airplanes, exotic fabrics and unusual antiques delight the eye. The aesthetic gardens reflect his love of flowers and the magical drawings portray his never-ending humor.

John's extensive travels in search of the unusual and the beautiful provide an element of special character in his paintings. The artist's understanding of the beloved artifacts and vases as subjects lends authenticity and a distinctive quality to his work, creating a mosaic of colors and patterns when juxtaposed against flowers and fabrics.

When you examine his work closely, you discover a unique, self-taught approach which is unlike any other artist. With John's ever-increasing popularity, there are many who attempt to imitate his work; however, they are unable to duplicate the energy of the mind that creates these sparkling, decorative conceptions.


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