Gregory Steele


Storm Over the Marsh 230126

Oil on Panel

Image Size 22 x 28


Harvesting Wild Rice 230205

Oil on Panel
Image Size 22 x 28

The Island Down the Stream 215981

Oil on Panel
Image Size 16 x 20

River Maples 217723

Oil on Panel
Image Size 20 x 24

Cabin in the Woods 230184

Oil on Panel

Image Size 22 x 28


The Barn in February 230135

Oil on Panel

Image Size 20 x 24


From a tranquil northern lake to the scenic hills of southwestern Wisconsin to a rising storm over an Iowa farm, Gregory Steele uses color and detail ( or even lack of detail) to create oil paintings with a depth that pulls you into the paintings. They make you feel as though you can walk through the painting to see what is on the other side of the hill or beyond the bend of the road.


Gregory is a Midwesterner who believes the Midwest offers a rich assortment of landscapes and people that deserve to be painted. His paintings often stir a memory of a place or an event in the life of the viewer.


Greg was born and raised in a small western Illinois town twelve miles from the Mississippi River. He has lived in view of the river in Iowa since 1969. The river and the landscape near the river continues to be a major influence on his art and his desire to create it.

He became a professional artist at the age of 18 as a cartoonist, selling cartoons and political cartoons to newspapers in northwestern Illinois. From 1696 to 1981 he worked for advertising agencies and General Electric as an illustrator and designer.

In 1981 he became a freelance illustrator doing illustrations in various styles for companies such as John Deere, Nissan, Yamaha, BMW, Proctor and Gamble, Miller, etc. In 1992 he began dropping commercial clients to devote more time to his drive to create paintings.

Through the years he has been experimenting with various styles of art. In the 60's and 70's he was doing nonobjective and abstract paintings in oil or colored inks, 4' x 5' heads in acrylic, and silk-screens on aluminum. Landscape though has always been the image he has drifted back to. Through all of the styles he has used, his main objective has been to create a four dimensional image on a two dimensional plain.

Small 1

Fall Trees -215129

Framed Oil on Panel

Image Size 6 x 4

The Gate

The Gate

Oil on Panel
Image Size 20 x 24

Landscape #27 inv-215986

Framed Oil on Panel

Image Size 4 x 6


Landscape #22 215984

Framed Oil on Panel

Image Size 4 x 6


 230125 Maine Pasture

Oil on Panel

Image Size 18 x 28


Two Gulls 230109

Oil on Panel

Image Size 28 x 22


Horse in the Pasture 230037

Oil on Panel

Image Size 24 x 30 Framed 32 x 38

Small Lanscape

Landscape #20 215982

Framed Oil on Panel

Image Size 4 x 6


Uncle Charles (By commission, Not for Sale) Mr. Steele will do commissioned work from photographs


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