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Serigraph on Paper

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Storyteller SOLD

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Serigraph on Paper

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Some people work for years in an effort to break through in the lucrative and competitive world of commercial art, while others, like Christine Rosamond, are launched to the top in what seems like an instant. While we are often content to call this an act of luck, it rarely is that simple. In the case of Christine Rosamond, she set out her oil paintings at an art fair in Los Angeles and was surprised to discover that her woman-centered images resonated with millions of collectors in the 1970s.

The artist, known simply as Rosamond, spent the next two decades struggling with the meaning and responsibility of her success, all the while growing as an artist, seeking images that captured the imagination: images filled with freedom and alive with possibility. Her signature use of negative space added contrast and frame to the central figure, which in her early works she painted in soft shades of green and blue, and which grew in later years to deeper and more vibrant greens and reds. In an effort to soften what could have been a stark contrast, Christine Rosamond clad her figures in fabric so rich with texture you could almost reach out and feel it. After her tragic death four years ago, many collectors realized what Rosamond's legacy is to her peers, women who faced the same challenges and who shared a vision of escape, freedom, and sensuality. Rosamond said that she painted from her own personal experience and from her awareness of women and their lives. Judging by the millions who were moved to purchase one of her images, Rosamond tapped a root, which was shared by many, yet captured by few.

In 1972 at an art street bazaar in Los Angeles, a shy young artist, entirely self-taught, displayed her first two oil paintings. Within six months she achieved national acclaim. Those of you who may not recognize her name will recognize her style. By 1976 she had become the most published artist in the world eclipsing such legendary artists as Norman Rockwell and Salvadore Dali. Her published works sold in the millions - more than any other artist dead or alive.

Thus, it is said that she met with historical notoriety and overnight success. At the age of 25, Rosamond was a major player in the art world, and one of few women ever to succeed in it. Rosamond's next step was to form her own publishing and distribution company in order to have greater control of her artistic decisions. Soon after the first lithographs were published under her own company, Rosamond spent four months in Paris where she completed four new lithographs with the prestigious Atelier Mourlot. These Parisian works are still available and titledThe Observations Suite.Since 1974 Rosamond has published over 40 limited editions and the plan is to continue to publish the late artist's works.

Her paintings, noted for their negative space, economy of line and purity of subject matter immediately struck a chord with the public. The portraits, while often serene, evoke a deeper response from the viewer. Her style provides the opportunity in each piece for the viewer to create from their own experience. Many of those who have known Rosamond have recounted their memories of the artist whose eyes sparkled with candor, tenderness, wit and vision. What emerges from these recounted memories is a profile of a compassionate individual with a child-like spirit, who had overcome her challenges and created from the heart.

On March 26, 1994 the world lost this treasured artist on the rocky coast of the Pacific Ocean. Rosamond's artistic legacy is preserved forever in her works, which eloquently express the essence of the feminine spirit. Rosamond launched a career that remains as dynamic today as it was in 1972.

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