Alain Pontecorvo

  Avion Le Pigeon  


Le Pigeon

Oil on Canvas Oil on Canvas
Image Size 13 x 16 Image Size 16 x 18

290119 Train Station

Oil on Canvas
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A French painter born in 1936, Alain Pontecorvo is considered to be among the top figurative artists working in France today.

Alain Pontecorvo’s style as a traditional painter references the 17th Century Dutch Masters, with his work demonstrating a particularly Dutch way of capturing light. His painting speaks of the Italian Masters in his compositional structure and his use of pigments. He displays a captivating balance between romantic and modern realism with precision, emotional subtlety and freedom. The art of Pontecorvo is well-balanced, full of great expression, with a rich veil of mystery that is always found in authentic painting.





1960 Exposition group as a student in the premises of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure
Decorative Arts. Canvas sold to the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris.

1978 "The Gallery", 8 rue de la Ferronnerie, Paris.
Artists of Montparnasse "to the SCIC.

1979 Participated in pieces Paul Weiller.
Artists of Montparnasse "in the SCIC
Gallery Francis Gobbi "modern visual arts," clashed with Picasso,
Wilfredo Lam and Survage, 41 rue de Seine, Paris.

1980 Gallery Tellier, Rouen.
Artists of Montparnasse "in the SCIC

1981 Gallery Ratier, rue Bonaparte, Paris.
Special Jury Award at Longwy.
Gallery Tellier, Rouen.

1982 "erotica", the Bastille, stand Ratié.
Artists of Montparnasse "in the SCIC"

1983 Exhibition at Philippe Michel, Montpellier.
In November Melun "Art in the city."

1985 Great and youth of today, "Grand Palais, Paris
Second exposure Philippe Michel.
Inauguration of an exhibition hall opened to the public on the premises of HDM.

1994 Foundation Rothschild, 11 Rue Berryer, Paris.

1995 Gallery Garoche Mary Jane, 33 rue de Seine, Paris
Colette Arcade Gallery, 155 Gallery de Valois, Paris.
Rec Gallery, 7 rue Charlemagne, Paris

1996 Gallery Garoche Mary Jane, 33 rue de Seine, Paris.

1998 Gallery Garoche Mary Jane, 33 rue de Seine, Paris.

2000 Gallery Garoche Mary Jane, 33 rue de Seine, Paris.
Rothschild Foundation, 76 rue de picpus, Paris.

2003 Gallery Arches, 22 rue des quatre-fils, Paris.

2004 Gallery Dautcourt 38 rue des Minimes Brussels

2005 Department of Trade and Industry dock Corsican Paris
Gallery Dautcourt 38 rue des Minimes Brussels

Public collections:
Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
Museum Olivier Brice (Montpellier)
Museum of Modern Art in New York

Private collections:
Germany, Saudi Arabia, Belgium,
France, Great Britain, Hong Kong,
Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, USA.


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